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Our primary focus is in the support of low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). We work to offer tools and solutions that are of a high quality and are fully supported while being delivered at a low cost with maximum sustainability.

We strongly believe in the open-source software model, it helps to put empowerment and sustainability at the heart of the software solutions we advocate and design. By helping to nurture and build talent, the Foundation is focused on self-sufficiency through the development of in-country capability.

The Software for Health Foundation has been established to:


Establish and maintain ‘global goods’ in digital health software


Offer software on an ‘open source’ or ‘free to use’ basis


Offer training and support to promote ‘in-country’ capability


Drive and support innovations in digital healthcare


Build solutions that can be operated without dependence on external third-parties


Provide unity and cohesion to disparate software systems and platforms


Empower and uphold the rights of the individual through management and control of medical data


Promote effective dialogue and collaboration between for-profit and not-for-profit operators


Meet the key members of the organisation

James Fry - CEO

James Fry - CEO

As the Managing Director of Blue Frontier, James has overseen the development of a number of global health projects, designed around medical device connectivity.

Since 2005 he has balanced commercial development work, both within and outside of the medical world, with donor funded healthcare projects in LMICs, and has guided the company toward becoming a global leader in device connectivity. In establishing the Software for Health Foundation, James is leveraging this wealth of knowledge and experience to provide a platform to promote and support sustainable free technology for health.

Jack Regnart - CTO

Jack Regnart - CTO

For over 10 years Jack has worked on and managed the development of numerous connected systems including 'software as a service' (SaaS) offerings, security tracking, genetic research and health information systems.

During his time with the Software for Health Foundation, Jack has focused primarily on the global connected & digital health space. Jack brings knowledge of health care and how technological advancements can improve the management of health systems. Jack is the project lead and architect of the Open Interop platform helping to innovate the transmission and translation of health data.

Mauro Tobin - COO

Mauro Tobin - COO

Mauro is a digital health consultant specialising in strategy, service/solution design, implementation, and sustainability of digital tools and connected diagnostics. Mauro has worked in both the private sector and donor funded public health, working for NGOs alongside health care providers in LMICs, as well as for commercial diagnostic companies.

The experience of implementing digital platforms and tools in a number of African countries led Mauro to spearhead the creation of the AoS Health Initiative, and to focus particularly on addressing issues relating to the growing threat from antimicrobial resistance.

Rhian Taylor - PMO

Rhian Taylor - PMO

Rhian has a background in marine biology, with a BSc from Bangor University and an MSc from University Collage Cork. Since April 2021 she has been working for the Software for Health Foundation managing a portfolio of projects across the digital health domain, including surveillance systems in Nepal and Kenya and interoperability in South Tarawa. She has been assisting with work to document and create a standardised, repeatable approach for implementing a surveillance system.


Our aim is to create a ‘Technical Advisory Group’ to help guide the focus and direction of the technologies we implement, and to provide greater support and understanding of the environments we work within. Technical innovation is driven by collaboration and influences – we welcome such input, and believe it makes our solutions stronger.

In addition, it is important to us to further create a ‘Scientific Advisory Committee’ – this committee will provide a valuable link between the technologists and the clinicians. Too often this link is lost and projects fail to meet the requirements of the user. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of scientific advisors, SfHF is focused on putting the requirements of the user at the heart of every solution.

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