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About the AoS Health Initiative

AoS Health is a joint initiative founded by eSHIFT Partner Network, Blue Frontier IT Ltd and The Software for Health Foundation. Our aim is to engineer, integrate, and deliver digital health services and technologies for sustained impact and improved health outcomes.

The goals of the AoS initiative are as follows:

Share knowledge and provide training to support and promote in-country capability

Offer software on an ‘open source’ or ‘free to use’ basis

Build solutions that can be operated without dependence on external third-parties

Drive and support innovations in digital healthcare health systems

Provide unity and cohesion to disparate software systems and platforms

Empower and uphold the rights of the individual

Promote effective dialogue and collaboration between for-profit and not-for-profit operators

Establish and maintain affordable, accessible and cost-effective global goods to serve the infrastructure and digital health needs of LMICs

Meet the members of AoS Health

Software for Health Foundation

Software for Health Foundation

Software for Health Foundation is proud to support the AoS initiative through managing a portfolio of opensource, cloud based and ‘free to use under licence’ applications, tools and services, optimised for use in LMICs. Our aim is to drive adoption of these digital tools and to advocate for global public goods that conform to the AoS reference architecture. We are committed to creating meaningful and sustainable services and to share knowledge with our benefactors as part of guiding them on a path to self-sufficiency.
Blue Frontier IT Ltd.

Blue Frontier IT Ltd.

Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Blue Frontier offer a full range of technical, web, software, and digital marketing services for business. Blue Frontier are proud to be a part of the AoS initiative and to contribute our experience and skills, especially in connecting diagnostic instruments and developing health data management systems, for world leading device manufacturers. We are committed to using our expertise in innovation and our ISO standard software development capabilities to strengthen the AoS opensource tool kit and help innovate new digital tools within the AoS reference architecture.

eSHIFT Partner Network

eSHIFT Partner Network

The eSHIFT Partner Network is a Swiss not-for-profit leader in digital health architecture and information systems implementation founded in 2012. eSHIFT is proud to contribute our public health knowledge, health information system and management expertise, and on-the-ground implementation experience to the AoS Health Initiative. We believe strongly that by removing the traditional barriers to implementation we can develop sustainable, equitable and resilient health systems that empower our country partners to leverage ongoing innovation in digital health and achieve better health outcomes. The AoS Health Initiative brings us one step closer to achieving this vision.

AoS Health Philosophy

As part of this initiative, we are applying the following principals to major disease verticals that are of global concern. We have established a central catalogue of vertical solutions, components and services (which include the software products, services and infrastructure).

The health verticals include:

AMR Vertical

Our AMR vertical (AoS/AMR) uses a combination of tools, including ODX and ODC (for spreadsheet reformatting and data transmission), the WHONET Data Connecter (for transmission of WHONET data), Open Interop (our interoperability layer), and DHIS2 to provide an opensource, fully flexible, One Health AMR solution. AoS/AMR allows benefactors to combine One Health data (AMR, AMU and AMC) from historical and research datasets, with real time data from diverse sources. Our AMR data model supports microbiology and delivers a rich set of visualisations, including GLASS reporting.

TB Vertical

Our TB vertical (AoS/TB) uses a combination of TAC (our connectivity client software), Open Interop (our interoperability layer), and DHIS2 to provide an opensource fully flexible solution for collection of TB diagnostic data from laboratories and diagnostic instruments (GeneXpert, TB-CAD, LIS). Our connectivity toolkit includes solutions for mobile device management and mobile data. AoS/TB allows benefactors to link diagnostic data to therapy, adherence, and surveillance systems, amplifying the benefits of rapid diagnostics whilst addressing key issues facing access to TB treatment.

Services not products

AoS is addressing the technology gap through continued development of its reusable standardised verticals applications and supporting digital infrastructure.

AoS addresses the data quality issue through systematic loading of historical data, continuous development of data quality and cleansing tools. For AMR our ambition is to establish a network of national AMR surveillance nodes capable of AMR data federation. AoS places interoperability at the heart of our designs in order to work with a country's existing technology and to allow access to the diverse range of data sources required, bringing standardisation to the resultant dataset.

Partnerships not pilots 

To address sustainability AoS seeks to establish longer term partnerships with all our benefactors and build capacity, in-country, to allow stable long-term operations and adoption of the AMR services. One Health AMR and connected TB data management services are inevitably complex and our solutions employ the very latest technologies. We recognise that development and retention of capacity, in terms of skills, experience and the confidence to manage complex digital services, can take a long time to develop and depends on the level of the ICT maturity of a given country. The AoS approach therefore is to understand the absorptive capacity of a country, to take on the full operations of such systems, and to engage over the required period (typically years rather than months) to guide stakeholders on a ‘path to self-sufficiency’.

Project Framework for Implementations

The AoS projects follow our Project Framework, which has been developed to provide a clear and repeatable structure for AoS implementations. The framework covers the complete project process, from the initial project set-up phases, through the active project and into the sustainability period following project closure. The Framework is user centric and is continuously evolving based on user feedback and retrospectives. 


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