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The Woolcock Institute are running a TB pilot in a single lab in Viet Nam. The teams in-country will be collecting patient demographic information and test data that will be stored in a dataset deployed on the Research Electronic Data Capture platform REDCap.

In order to support this the SfHF- in collaboration with FIND and Blue Frontier- are implementing a utility to communicate with the deployed diagnostic GeneXpert devices in the lab.

This utility will transmit the data it receives from the GeneXpert to the Open Interop Cloud platform, which will then apply a mapping to transform the data format to one supported by the REDCap API. The patient demographic data collected by the REDCap mobile data collection tools will then be linked to the transmissions from Open Interop.

This allows the study to cut down on manual data entry as much as possible. It will also provide the Woolcock Institute with access to sample-based data as is occurs as opposed to waiting for it to be collected in the field.

The Open Interop Cloud platform is a service hosted by the Software for Health Foundation that allows for a safe, secure and reliable endpoint for your connected data.