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The WHONet software, maintained and developed by the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance, is an application that allows labs to track antibiotic susceptibility tests and then report them in a standardised format to GLASS, a database for specific pathogens.

Until now there was no clear automated and connected way of retrieving results from the software’s database. The development of the WHONet connector was a way of retrieving results and transmitting them onward to another system so that the data could be reported on and backed up.

The WHONet Connector runs as a desktop application on all modern operating systems and receives over the air updates as the software is updated.


As well as WHONet data files, you can upload CSV and Excel spreadsheets to the software. New rows will be automatically transmitted when you save a new version, and you can track the progress of the upload within the application. You can also track a folder of Excel / CSV documents so that all files within this folder are transmitted, or you can track a single Excel / CSV document, allowing new rows saved to this file to be automatically uploaded.

This software has been used effectively in multiple countries in order to connect their WHONet datasets to more sophisticated reporting systems, allowing ministries and the WHO to have a clearer picture of the AMR testing going on.

For more information on how to download and use the WHONet Connector, please get in touch here.